The automotive industry’s top venue in Scandinavia

Welcome to the Auto Trade Fair 15th-18th of January in 2020.

Welcome to the Auto Trade Fair 15th-18th of January in 2020.

Meet the trade specialists

Nowhere else in Scandinavia will you find so many suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, experts and specialists in the automotive industry’s service and aftermarket assembled in one place.

The exhibitors who take part exhibit and demonstrate the cutting-edge brands of the industry, the latest in spare parts and accessories, repair shop equipment, digitisation, bodywork and paints, tyres and wheels, as well as the relevant support systems for light and heavy vehicles.


The Auto Trade Fair is all about solutions

Digitisation, autonomous vehicles and telematics have now come to the fore as highly topical areas of interest in the industry. Their ascendancy has left its mark on the extensive seminar programme organised by MRF.

New program for 2020 will come soon.

Welcome to the Auto Trade Fair 2020!




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What did the visitors think of the Auto Trade fair 2017?

  • 86% of visitors say they will visit the Auto Trade Fair 2020.
  • 65% of visitors consider the Auto Trade Fair the key industry venue.
  • 96% of visitors would recommend others to attend the event.

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Exhibitors list of 2020

The Auto Trade Fair is Scandinavia’s largest venue for the automotive service and aftermarket industry.

The Auto Trade Fair 2020 is arranged by FVU (The Association of Garage Equipment Suppliers) and SBF (Association of Swedish Car Parts Wholesalers ) in collaboration with MRF (The Swedish National Association for Motor Trades & Repairs), MAF (The Swedish Motor Trade Employers’ Association) and SFVF (Sveriges Fordonsverkstäders Förening).