Kampol S.J.

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KAMPOL is the leading European brake shoes manufacturer for passengers cars, light commercial vehicles and trailers.

For more than 30 years we are manufacturing brake shoes.

Our own engineering and construction facilities allows us to quickly implement new range of products.

Our assets are as follows:
• High quality of products,
• Large range of products ( about 400 references),
• Fast processing of orders,
• Homologation of products in accordance with ECE-R90,
• Price stability,
• Systematically expanded range of products,
• Many years of experience.

At the moment we are producing about 400 references of brake shoes for passenger cars, light commercial cars and trailers.

All of our brake shoes are MADE IN POLAND, so we can grant you highest quality and Polish origin of our products.

address details
Kampol S.J.
Pl. Sportowy 10
07-202 Wyszków
+48 29 741 17 19


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