FennoSteel Oy

  • Location: D01:22


FennoSteel Oy is the largest automotive exhaust system and thin wall tube manufacturer in Scandinavia.

Our customers include leading European aftermarket distributors, original equipment manufacturers and professionals in traffic safety, construction and agriculture businesses.

Fenno’s roots date back to 1985 when the first production site was established. Today´s FennoSteel is a tough combination of quality, new innovation and world class manufacturing with a wide range of products.

FennoSteel Oy is presenting at the fair the largest range of exhaust systems in Scandinavia, together with catalytic converters, DPFs, manifolds, mounting parts and lambda sensors.
You are welcome to visit us and get to know FennoSteel Oy at stand D01:22.

address details
FennoSteel Oy
Fennokatu 1
FI-39700 Parkano
+358 3 44100


Spare parts

Exhaust systems

The Auto Trade Fair 2020 is arranged by FVU (The Association of Garage Equipment Suppliers) and SBF (Association of Swedish Car Parts Wholesalers ) in collaboration with MRF (The Swedish National Association for Motor Trades & Repairs), MAF (The Swedish Motor Trade Employers’ Association) and SFVF (Sveriges Fordonsverkstäders Förening).