Five questions for Joachim Due-Boje

Joachim Due-Boje is a car mechanic and former rally driver who is now responsible for service market issues at MRF (the Swedish Association for Motor Retail Trades and Repairs). He is also involved with the planning of Automässan’s seminar programme, which is now available on Automässan’s website.


How do you approach the planning of the seminar programme?


“The team at MRF, together with SFVF, has planned Automässan’s seminar programme several times in the past, and we therefore use a proven approach based on past experience. We spend a lot of time finding speakers who have something interesting to say. This year we are focusing on electrification and digitalisation and have chosen speakers with different perspectives in relation to these issues. Otherwise I usually try to make sure that there is enough time for dialogue with the audience after each presentation. We have speakers who arouse interest in relevant issues, and it is therefore important to ensure that there is also time available to discuss these issues.”


Are there any areas that you think need to be discussed more with regard to service and aftermarket?


“Definitely, such as what you should do between service visits. In the future, workshops (as well as car dealers) should focus more on customer loyalty and should be a little careful when it comes to all these smart digital solutions. Vehicles still break down in strange ways that are difficult to explain to a machine.”


Who do you think should attend the seminars?


“Anyone who works in the automotive industry and its infrastructure. The programme features a wide range of topics, so I’m sure it contains something for everyone.”


Why is it important to have a seminar programme at Automässan?


“Many people visit the exhibition to gain a quick update on interesting areas and issues.”


Are there any seminars on the programme that you are particularly looking forward to?


“Definitely! I am personally very passionate about customer care and treatment, and I am therefore really looking forward to being able to listen to Anders Parment, who is a researcher specialising in areas such as marketing and finance in relation to the automotive industry (Thursday at 10:30). I also think that everyone should attend the seminar by Jonas Udd, who will be speaking about motor oil and finance for workshops (Thursday at 14:00). I would also like to give a special mention to Krister Werner, who will be speaking about the challenges associated with charging electric vehicles (Friday at 11:30).”