Förch A-Fuel Dragster coming to Automässan

2022 has been a good year for Jedborn Motorsport, who won the European Drag Racing Series with their Förch A-Fuel Dragster. The team will have a new driver in 2023, and it has now been confirmed that the car will be exhibited at Automässan by the new driver, Tina Höst Nedregård.


Drag racing is the fastest motorsport in the world. The competing drivers meet side by side in elimination heats. Jedborn Motorsport’s custom-built dragster is 9 metres long, with a wheelbase of 7.6 metres and a racing weight of 980 kg. The engine produces 4,500+ hp and runs on nitromethane, a completely fossil-free fuel, consuming 30 litres of nitro in 5.2 seconds.


Tina Höst Nedregård will compete in the Top Methanol class, which is the fastest class over the original race distance of one-fourth of a statute mile (402.33 metres). It only takes 0.7 seconds for Tina to reach 100 km/h, and 4.5 seconds later she passes the finish line at a speed of 450 km/h. When she puts her foot to the floor and releases all 4,500 hp, she experiences an acceleration of more than 4 g. Not even a fighter plane launched from an aircraft carrier with a catapult accelerates as powerfully!


In January, Tina will be attending Automässan to exhibit the dragster and answer questions. Don’t miss it!


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