Meet the cream of Scandinavia’s automotive aftermarket

Scandinavia's largest exhibition for the automotive service and aftermarket industry 15-18 january 2020

Scandinavia's largest exhibition for the automotive service and aftermarket industry 15-18 january 2020

Share your knowledge about the workshop of the future

Automässan is the Nordic Region’s leading meeting place for experiencing, and learning about, the workshop of the future. An absolute must for anyone who wants to strengthen their skills and develop their business to meet the demands and challenges of the future.

This is where all the industry’s specialists gather and showcase the latest developments – from digitalisation and connected vehicles to workshop equipment, spare parts, sheet metal and paint, tyres and rims and associated support systems for both light and heavy vehicles. A unique opportunity to come together with all branches of the motor industry’s service and aftermarket.

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This year’s focus areas


Nowhere else in Scandinavia will you find so many suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, experts and specialists..


All of the sector’s leading suppliers! With more than 240 exhibitors and 1,000 representative brands.

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The future freight market is taking shape

16 December / 2019

The Swedish market for heavy vehicles, 16 tonnes and upwards, remains strong. Everything suggests that the new registration statistics for 2019 add up to nearly 6000 trucks. It is a market that for many decades has been an oligopoly between Scania and Volvo, but which is opening up with, above all, an ever-larger Mercedes-Benz presence; but  MAN and DAF are also beginning to gain a foothold...

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Future-proof your workshop at Automässan 2020

02 August / 2019

Rights concerning a car’s digital content and the new quality standard for certifying workshops, Godkänd Bilverkstad. These are major talking points for the industry ahead of the 2020 edition of Automässan. But there are revolutionary technical and commercial megatrends just around the corner, and with them, paradigm shifts that are expected to disrupt the entire vehicle sector. It is high time to...

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The Auto Trade Fair 2020 is arranged by FVU (The Association of Garage Equipment Suppliers) and SBF (Association of Swedish Car Parts Wholesalers ) in collaboration with MRF (The Swedish National Association for Motor Trades & Repairs), MAF (The Swedish Motor Trade Employers’ Association) and SFVF (Sveriges Fordonsverkstäders Förening).